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  • Stephen has a large repertoire of songs that he sings and has wrote and puts heart and soul into every song you hear him sing.
  • Below is a sample and some information regarding the songs from his latest album.


New Album

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Lyrics for songs from Album "Isle of Hope"

Track 1 - Beautiful Affair

Track 2 - Isle of hope Isle of tears

Track 3 - 19 Arches

Track 4 - Sky over Ireland

Track 5 - Nothing wrong with me

Track 6 - Dublin of Long ago

Track 7 - A Miners Life

Track 8 - San Francisco Bay blues

Track 9 - What shall we drink to tonight

Track 10 - Walk tall blues

Track 11 - Clare to here

Track 12 - Freemantle Bay

Track 13 - Streets of London



Below are other songs



The Contender The rare auld times Hard times The sky over ireland



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